A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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discord_core_api::create_channel_invite_data Struct Reference

For creating an invite to a given channel. More...

#include <ChannelEntities.hpp>

Public Data Members

snowflake channelId {}
 The id of the channel_data to create the invite for.
int32_t maxAge {}
 Duration of invite in seconds before expiry, or 0 for never.between 0 and 604800 (7 days) 86400 (24 hours).
int32_t maxUses {}
 Max number of uses or 0 for unlimited.between 0 and 100.
jsonifier::string reason {}
 Reason for creating the invite.
snowflake targetApplicationId {}
 The id of the embedded application to open for this invite, required if target_type is 2.
invite_target_types targetType {}
 the type of target for this voice channel_data invite.
snowflake targetUserId {}
 snowflake of the user whose stream to display for this invite, required if target_type is 1.
bool temporary {}
 Whether this invite only grants temporary membership.
bool unique {}
 If true, don't try to reuse a similar invite (useful for creating many unique one time use invites).

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